A Big Milestone

A message from Carlton Daily, founder:

I’m happy to be launching the website for the Verde Health Fair and this blog spot. I hope the fair will help educate and raise awareness in the community regarding healing modalities available in Cottonwood. The fair is also a place where Holistic Health practitioners can interact with the community to find out what Holistic Health-minded members of the community need as far as healing modalities.

I want to support the public becoming informed about the various holistic modalities available here in the Verde Valley. I encourage visitors to the Verde Health Fair to use our practitioners as a way to support their regular health care and achieve the best possible mental, emotional, and physical health. I want to give the community opportunities to conveniently investigate resources available here in Cottonwood rather than having to drive to Sedona for similar services.

With love,

Carlton Daily

2 thoughts

  1. Dear Carlten,
    I am impressed by your project and wish you and your team every success.
    Love greetings
    Uwe from germany


  2. Things look great. Nice message Carlton.
    Hope to see another one as soon as our isolation is lifted.
    Let’s be ready to launch a oneness. Go,go.


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