Look What Love Builds in Sedona

After moving the Verde Health Fair to Sedona I found an article on building and co creating in the community with the slogan “Look What Love Can Build” (I added it along with Sedona to my tagline on the site).

Now some 8 months later, without me knowing it, the mother of the young girl I caretake for was encouraging one of the local businesses in Sedona, Living Chocolate, to become part of the Verde Health Fair.

Last week I walked into the store on a whim and the owner talked to me about the mother who kept saying “Carlton is on fire with her Health Fairs.” This local business joined and the next time she went to the bank the mother was delighted to hear that she had signed up for the fairs! 

One small business now has access to guests from all over to sample her Living Chocolate at our Health Fairs, a beautiful mutually beneficial relationship for both of us. Unexpected things like this remind me what love can build and why I’m here to bring the Health Fairs to our community!

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