Ambaya Gold

About Ambaya Gold


Ambaya Gold Health manufactures liquid high-frequency natural nutritional supplements inspired by Ayurveda. They have been supporting health for over 13 years in Sedona, Arizona. Ambaya Gold products empower health through resonance by the use of Platinum Group Elements, Humic, and Fulvic solutions. Their efficient bio-availability, super-conductivity, integrity, and efficaciously enhance communication, harmony, physical, mental, and gut health.

Their founder, Ambaya, attended the Ayurvedic Institute from 1994 -1996, as well as having studied, taught and worked alongside Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Kant Mishra. Ambaya led the Ayurvedic curriculum and created an Ayurvedic Cafe and the Ayurvedic Kitchen for Seven Centers Yoga in Sedona, AZ. Ambaya’s lifelong mission has been to live from the core of her true nature and help others radiate their natural state of being.

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