Helen and Ted VerPlanck

Winds of Change Healing

Ted and Helen VerPlanck: Winds of Change Healing

Winds of Change Healing is a partnership of Ted and Helen VerPlanck. Our transformative practice of deep healing utilizes Energy Medicine, Reiki Healing and Sound Healing combined with our Medical Intuitive abilities and Multidimensional Connections. Our unique blend of modalities bridge mind, body and spirit and has enabled our clients to reduce stress, heal from illness, bring relief to chronic pain, recover from surgery and deal with their grief. Together, we empower our clients to tap into their inherent ability to heal from within and live a healthier, more satisfying and purposeful life.

Each sessions starts with Chakra Balancing, Meridian Evaluation, Sound Healing, Aura Cleansing/Strengthening, to intuitively access the quantum field to provide deep healing. For any questions or to discuss scheduling a session use form below to contact us.

Using body memory to access your highest potential self.

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